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Arlington Divorce Mediation

Divorce Done The Right Way

If divorce is on the horizon for you, consider the full range of options you have. Typically, each person hires an attorney to represent him or her. Then, the parties proceed to wrestle through each issue in conflict through their lawyers, in court and at great costs. Others elect to file their divorce papers without legal assistance. Neither route is wrong. It depends on each couple's situation.

Divorce With Dignity — Law Offices Of Stephanie A. Foster, P.C.

There is another option — mediation. Specifically, parties-only mediation is an excellent alternative to a traditional approach that can be invaluable to you and your spouse. Mediation is often a part of the typical court process, where the parties must choose a mediator and attempt to resolve issues outside of court. The mediator serves as a neutral guide, helping the pair come to an agreement. In parties-only mediation, you need not even have a separate family law lawyer first. You and your spouse can, on your own, work with a qualified mediator without ever going to court. No courts = no war.

At our office, family law attorney Stephanie Foster guides couples through the process of negotiating and working together to achieve the best possible outcome for that family. She has more than 20 years of experience in family law litigation and has been involved with more than 2,000 mediations as a lawyer advocate for clients. She now uses that experience to serve as neutral mediator for all family law issues, including divorce, separation, child custody, visitation, property division, post-divorce issues, modification and even marriage reconciliation.

You do not need to hire a lawyer first! Come explore your options with us and then decide what approach makes you most comfortable. Our method can help you save time, money and emotional hardship.

Mediation Before Litigation — Contact Our Tarrant County Child Custody Lawyer Mediator

Call us directly at 817-277-2805, or email us here to discuss your situation and find out more about parties-only mediation with or without lawyers. We represent clients throughout Arlington, Mansfield and throughout Tarrant County, Texas. Our simple process involves three- to five meetings. Our rate is $350 per hour, and all credit cards are accepted. This streamlined, respectful process allows you, your spouse and your family the meaningful resolution you deserve.

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